My Vision On Design

The speed at which new products, services and systems appear in society is incredibly rapid. In a society where new, bigger and better are becoming the standards, people only use products for a short amount of time. After this the products lose their value and end up in the back of the closet or are discarded. The introduction of all sorts of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality can be overwhelming and certainly add to the newer, bigger and better culture. In my opinion the designer carries a certain responsibility to introduce such technologies in a way that they can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life. I strive to be a designer who does so by going through the design process in a sustainable way, in order to create a product that the user will use in a sustainable manner. I want to re-add the core value to a design as opposed to the lost value of the current day quick and low impact designs from organisations whose only goal is to make as much money as possible in little time.

I want to create simplistic designs as it enhances the ease of use and because the focus then remains on the value of the design. I see the exploration and use of materials as a tool to create simplistic designs that at the same time do have the quality I strive for.

While sustainable design may not have the image of being able to be turned into successful, profitable businesses like those of the quick win companies, I do see business development as an interesting step in the product development process. It is the final step in the process which makes it possible to bring your product to the user, thereby closing the design circle.

Who Am I As A Designer?

I would describe myself as someone who aims for quality and is realistic. I have my goals and I work hard to achieve them or at least have a great learning experience. I am eager to learn and also strongly believe in learning from each other when working in a team. Everyone has their unique knowledge and skills and sharing those with each other is a very accessible way to learn. While I believe working in a team can be valuable, I can also work well individually. I am organized and I know what needs to be done and which steps I need to take to get there. This works well for me but it can also be at the cost of creativity as some things just do not let themselves be planned to the minute.

I want to work on simplistic, valuable and sustainable designs, which I believe are all related to each other. A few years ago I went on a trip to Norway, where I visited a glacier that has melted significantly over the past years. My interest in sustainability has always been there but this is when my interest was especially raised and I realized what I want to work on. The simplistic and valuable aspects were added during the first year of my studies. As I want to create valuable designs I need to be aware of what the user needs, wants or desires, even if they might not be aware of this themselves. The design thinking process is therefore often included in my projects.